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HR Compliance

Look at the graph to the left. Seventeen areas of regulation your business needs to manage, with more added all the time. Can you keep up with that? Are you willing to risk the fines and legal problems if you don't?

While compliance is designed to protect people, there's no arguing that it also raises a lot of questions for business owners - questions like...

Do I have to report? Maybe so, but maybe not. If so, we can help.

What are the upcoming changes to wage and hour rules, and how will they affect my business?

Is it better to provide a "skinny" benefits plan? Or maybe not offer insurance and pay the penalty?

Understanding and following the rules are essential for an effective compliance program. MacDonald Consultants is committed to helping employers navigate compliance and find solutions.

Compliance is complicated, but we'll help you take control. The best solution for you begins with a conversation.

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