About Us

We launched MacDonald Consultants in 1988 to solve the need employers had for their benefits advisor to sit with them on their side of the table when it came to designing and negotiating health plans.  Our incentives are aligned with the employers and employees we serve to achieve better healthcare at a better price. And we are willing to put our compensation on the line if we don’t perform.

To bring the best solutions available nationwide, we joined the Health Rosetta, a movement to create transparency throughout the healthcare delivery supply chain. Our focus is the Quadruple Aim:

  1. Better member experience using the health plan
  2. Better patient health outcomes
  3. Lower cost of healthcare
  4. Improve the experience for the clinicians delivering the care

It is a great time to be in benefits. New technology and new approaches have exploded. We can now put together a health plan in a better way. At MacDonald Consultants we focus first on quality healthcare.  Budget follows. Removing barriers and assisting members to access to the best quality providers lowers healthcare spend. Every time.

Our approach to benefits is different.  First, we uncover the hidden cost drivers in your health plan. Are you measuring the data? Where exactly are your healthcare dollars going? Next, we find the opportunities for savings in the data.  Last, we apply the best solutions to lower the frequency and severity of claims.  This creates a predictable healthcare budget and healthier employees.

This strategy can be implemented within one year or more slowly over 3-5 years. You pick:  crawl, walk, run, or fly!

The MacDonald Consultants Difference

The market continues to evolve and we keep your benefits on trend with ACTIVE plan management. Let us help you stay on point with direct primary care, transparent pharmacy benefit managers, population health management and nurse navigation.

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